Celebrate Halloween in Pictures and in Style

Increasingly popular in France, Halloween is a great opportunity to have fun while taking original photos. Want to capture the atmosphere of this frightful night? Follow our tips. 


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Night portraits and street scenes require special equipment and settings. This is the time to test your remote flash or even add a reflector if you want to soften the ambient light. Lack of light and movement increase the risk of blurred images, so use high shutter speeds and low ISO values to reduce noise, but be sure to increase sensitivity if necessary: it's all about balance.


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Scary tales or horror films all feature a dusk that heralds a chilling night. Take advantage of this to capture the silhouettes on the horizon against the light. Be sure to turn off the flash or use a tripod.


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Spooky make-up and fancy dress are all details to highlight in your portraits. Opt for a low angle shot to reinforce the terrifying aspect of your model and look for their complicity. Whether they are strangers or friends at a Halloween party, they will all be happy to play along with your camera. While most portrait photographers aim to beautify their subject, the goal is different on Halloween night, when it's the perfect time to have some light-hearted fun or even try out the stroboscopic effect, which is guaranteed to have a hypnotic effect.


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It's also a great opportunity to capture special interior scenes. Use the play of light and chiaroscuro to good effect. Wondering how to get the best shots of a jack-o'-lantern? Pay attention to the background, shadows and reflections to enhance the mysterious character, the secret? Photograph them slightly in profile. Candles and dimmed lights are also ideal to try your hand at bookeh.  

Halloween is not just for children, photographers will also be celebrating. To relive the magic of this night of all possibilities all year round, treat yourself to a photo print of your best photos.  Do you want to keep the raw look? Opt for a Fine Art finish with a minimal authentic look. Your best photos can also be enhanced with an Acrylic Glass photo print. Our photo lab has developed this finish to enhance the colours and depth of your photos. It's a must for capturing the atmosphere of your Halloween photos!  


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