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Who are we ?

What is LabKorner ?

LabKorner is a photographic laboratory, based in Poland, allowing professionals and private individuals to print their photographs in gallery quality: with or without finishes, from jpg or tiff files. The YellowKorner galleries have entrusted us with the printing and showcasing of their collections.

We propose two types of prints: Gallery Framed prints and Aluminium Dibond laminated prints (with or without Plexi finish, with or without Shadowbox Framing).

With what type of machine does LabKorner work ?

For Gallery framed prints, we make our photographic prints via Fuji Frontier printers.This high-end digital equipment is particularly suitable for professional photographs, books, portraits and Black & White prints. The whites are purer and lighter, the highlights sharper, the colours are perennial and of great purity.

We realize the revelation of our laminated prints with a ZBE Chromira and their development with a Colenta processor with reverse osmosis circuit.Chromira produces high-end colour prints, state-of-the-art colour management to ensure the best possible quality prints.We put all our craftsmanship and the market's most advanced technologies to improve the final quality of your photographs.

About my LabKorner photograph

How can I be sure that my LabKorner print will benefit from the highest quality ?

LabKorner quality is born from the combination of the mastery of advanced technologies and artisanal craftsmanship. Before printing the photographs, each one of them is checked and manually optimized by our Expert LabKorner to guarantee the perfection in terms of resolution and colours.In addition, LabKorner uses a traditional argentic photographic print technique: a reference in the world of photography and collectors, it is the perfect combination between historical know-how and modern digital technologies.Then, LEDS come to exhibit genuine Fuji DPII Gloss film. Your print is then developed in a chemical process RA4. It is then fixed, washed and dried.

Your LabKorner prints are guaranteed 2 years.

Do I have to buy a frame for my LabKorner print?

  • The Gallery framed prints or Classic formats (50 x 40 cm or 70 x 50 cm) are delivered in the frame.
  • The prints in Selection, Large, Giant and Collector formats are glued on an aluminium plate that serves as a support: they are ready to be hung as they are and do not need to be framed. For big formats prints, you can choose a Shadow-gap frame.

A 2cm-thick chassis, placed on the back of the print, allows to separate the photograph from the wall to create a gallery aesthetic.The prints in Mini format come with an adhesive hook to put on the back and a Plexiglas stand to put it on a flat surface.

Details about our fixations :

Are laminated photographs protected from moisture and light ?

Yes, our prints are all protected from moisture and light by a UV filter or a Acrylic Glass 2mm thick plate.

How to maintain my LabKorner print ?

  • Aluminium finish : Clean the surface with a dry microfiber cloth.
  • Plexiglass finish : Clean the surface with 70° alcohol on a microfiber cloth.

Gifting a LabKorner photograph

If I offer a LabKorner print to a friend, will he be able to exchange the product if he does not like it ?

For a gift, we advise you to offer a LabKorner gift card. Thus, your friend will be able to print the photograph of his choice at LabKorner. Our gift cards are available in YellowKorner galleries.

Order from LabKorner

What are LabKorner prices ?

You can consult the page Prices and delivery to learn more about our prices and shipping costs.

In which countries does LabKorner deliver ?

LabKorner delivers in Metropolitan France, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Portugal, Luxembourg, Poland, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Norway, the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Mexico, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Australia, China, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, Israel and Lebanon.

What are the delivery delays ?

LabKorner delivers your order within two weeks for Home Delivery orders and three weeks for Click & Collect orders (delivered in YellowKorner Galleries).

How much are the shipping costs ?

Shipping costs vary depending on the format, the chosen delivery method chosen and the country of delivery.You can consult the page Prices and delivery to know the LabKorner shipping costs for your country.

It is possible to benefit from free delivery in more than 80 YellowKorner galleries thanks to the Click & Collect service.

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What are the different types of payment ?

Several payment methods are accepted to pay your LabKorner order safely: Carte bleue, Visa, Mastercard et Paypal.

Are these payment methods secure ?

Whatever the method of payment used, the bank transaction is done by Paypal.Your banking informations are encrypted (SSL technology - Secure Socket Layer). They do not circulate in clear on internet and cannot be intercepted. Your bank details (card number, expiration date ...) are also secure and are not communicated to LabKorner.

Can I retract after placing my order ?

We wish to draw attention to the fact that for the products of the LabKorner photographic laboratory as well as products whose dimensions, trousseaux, improvements or the arrangement of details are freely chosen, any right to retract is excluded, because the products are made according to your specifications or made specifically for your personal needs.

Is there a risk of LabKorner broadcasting my photograph ?

No, LabKorner laboratory undertakes not to spread your photographs and to proceed to the destruction of the files 12 months maximum after the order.

How to prepare my photo file ?

What are the accepted types of files for printing with LabKorner ?

LabKorner accepts files in JPG and TIFF format but not in PNG format, because they do not take into account colour profiles.

In what format can I print my photograph ?

LabKorner allows you to print your photographs in different formats: from 13x19,5cm to 120x180cm.On our website, when you upload your image, a software dedicated to LabKorner analyses your photograph and informs you if the resolution is not sufficient for the format of your choice.

This process allows you to be certain of the perfection of your print since the website blocks formats that would not provide a Gallery Quality Print to your photograph.

To this verification, we wanted to add the know-how of our expert. He checks your photograph characteristics again to make you benefit from a double security.

The following table shows the minimum resolution of your photographs for each format :

Mini0,61 MPx
Gallery Frame 50 x 40 cm2 MPx
Selection3 MPx
Gallery Frame 70 x 50 cm4 MPx
Large8 MPx
Giant19 MPx
Collector27 MPx

My photograph is signed, will the signature be printed ?

If a signature and a text are embedded in the image, you must make sure that they are at least at 1 cm from the edge to prevent them from being cut at production.


My file is compressed, is it a problem ?

For JPEG: We recommend using JPEG "maximum quality" compression. Files can be saved in 8 bits.

What color profile should I use ?

We recommend to use a generic RGB colour profile such as sRGB IEC.

What can I name my file ?

Files' name must not contain special characters (*, $, /, #, @,%, etc.).Only spaces and dashes '-' are allowed. Extensions are required (.jpg, .JPEG, etc.).


Where can I find an invoice for my order ?

The invoice for your LabKorner order will be sent to you via e-mail once finalised. If you create a customer account, your invoices will appeat in your account, "My orders" section.

How can I have information about the delivery of my order ?

The creation of a Customer Account gives you access to the tracking of your order in the "My Orders" section. The order tracking is also sent to you via e-mail for home deliveries.

I have a problem with my LabKorner print, what can I do ?

For any problem concerning your order, you can contact us by e-mail at contact@labkorner.com or by phone at +33 (0) 1 72 50 00 25.

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