Show off your photos in a gallery frame with museum glass

Discover the incomparable advantages of museum glass for your picture frames. This type of anti-reflective glass offers exceptional protection and unrivalled clarity, showcasing your photos with remarkable sharpness and colour vibrancy. Perfect for preserving and enhancing your most precious memories. Read more

Winter Photography : Our tips for stunning snowy images

Winter and its enchanting snow-covered landscapes provide the perfect inspiring canvas for photographers. Capturing the magic of this winter season requires some tricks and techniques. Discover our photo lab’s advice to help you create stunning winter images. Your best winter holiday photos can become true artwork with a custom photo print! Read more

Capture the spirit of Christmas in pictures to create lasting memories

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of festive lighting, learn how to capture authentic emotion, and perfect your post-production skills to make your images stand out from the crowd. Explore how to turn your best photos into lasting memories with bespoke prints to create unforgettable memories this festive season. Read more

Seize the magic of Halloween with a portrait

Looking to capture the spooky essence of Halloween in your portraits? You've come to the right place! We've put together the best Halloween portrait photography tips to help you create images that will thrill your friends and family. Makeup, costumes, and spooky disguises: discover how to create the best Halloween portraits. Read more

How to photograph animals ? Our tips for getting started

Photographing animals is an exciting challenge for beginners and experienced photographers alike, as the subjects are unpredictable. Discover our tips on how to take superb animal photos. Lenses, tripods, viewpoints: learn how to use and choose them. Read more

Night Photography: Techniques and hints for impressive shots

Nighttime photography seizes the enigmatic and captivating atmosphere of the night, offering photographers boundless artistic opportunities. To capture breathtaking night images, it’s essential to make technical adjustments and have a grasp of lighting, composition, and camera settings. Follow our lab tips for stunning nighttime photos. Read more

The best photo accessories for mastering landscape photography

Landscape photography calls for specific equipment to capture the magnificence of nature. Our custom photo printing lab guides you in choosing the finest accessories to perfect your outdoor shots. Browse our selection of accessories for amazing landscape photography. Filters, tripods, flashes, or lenses: discover how to choose and use them. Read more

How to choose your wedding photographer for a perfect wedding photo shoot ?

Great wedding photos begin with choosing the right person to immortalize the most precious day of your life. By working with a professional wedding photographer and planning your photo shoot in advance, you will have stunning photos of your wedding ceremony, dinner, and party to cherish for a lifetime. Discover how to choose your wedding photographer and prepare an unforgettable photo session for the most beautiful day of your life. Read more

How to capture the festive spirit of summer music festivals ?

Rock, pop, reggae, or electro: seize the one-of-a-kind atmosphere of the best summer music festivals with your camera or smartphone. Summer festivals are vibrant parties thanks to a distinct atmosphere created by the perfect blend of music, dance, and joy. If you have a deep passion for music and photography, seize the opportunity to attend this season’s festivals to capture unforgettable moments with your camera or smartphone. Read more

Paris, Discover our favorite addresses for great photos of the french capital

The City of Light is filled with iconic locations for unforgettable photos, but Paris also hides lesser-known gems and unique opportunities for photography enthusiasts. Whether you’re a tourist visiting Paris or a local inhabitant of the capital, a professional photographer, or an aspiring artist, discover our photo lab selection of addresses to capture the essence and beauty of Paris. Read more

4 tips for catching the decisive moment in street photography

Learn to observe, anticipate, play with light, and choose your equipment to create unique street photography artworks. Street photography fascinates photographers in search of spontaneous moments. From the buzzing streets to café terraces, capturing everyday life requires a delicate blend of artistic sensibility, technique, and keen observation. Discover our photo lab tips for capturing the decisive moment and creating stunning artwork for your wall decor. Read more

Sports photography : how to capture the excitement of Roland Garros

Sports photography seizes the intensity of iconic moments of action. With the Roland Garros season and other ongoing international tennis games, it’s the perfect time to improve your sports photography skills. Discover how to become a champion in action photography without leaving your seat thanks to your camera or smartphone. Don’t miss out on the excitement of the game and the players’ emotions throughout the tournament season with our photography tips. Read more

How to make beautiful outdoor photos

When it comes to photography, few subjects are as inspiring as nature. Varied landscapes, flora, and wildlife offer endless possibilities and an unparalleled playground for photography enthusiasts. If you’re a fan of outdoor photography several challenges await you: managing changing light, selecting the right photo equipment, preparing for your nature outing, or defining your composition... By focusing on organizing your photo session, shooting techniques, and the print quality of your shots, you can take and display stunning outdoor photos. Discover our best tips to take great outdoor pictures. Read more

Offer a personalized photo gift for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is coming! In France, we will celebrate it on Sunday, June 4th. Are you looking for an original gift idea to please your mom? Why not a personalized photo gift? Photography is ideal for creating beautiful family memories and bringing them to life through a custom print. From professional quality printing of your best family portraits to organizing a photo shoot, discover our creative ideas for giving your mom a unique and personalized photo gift. Read more

How to take pictures of a monument ?

Architecture photography is an exciting playground for photographers in search of spectacular shots. Capturing a monument’s details, contrasts, and grandeur in a single image is a challenge. Luckily, our technical tips can help you seize the beauty of architecture from a new angle. Read more

The photography festivals not to miss in 2023

Photography festivals are unmissable events for photography enthusiasts, whether they are professionals or amateurs. These festivals are an opportunity to discover a multitude of artistic styles and approaches to photography, as well as to meet renowned photographers, industry experts, and other photography enthusiasts. These events take place in many cities around the world and attract thousands of visitors each year. Discover 3 European festivals not to be missed in 2023! Read more

How to photograph a subject in movement ?

Photography captures a moment of life for eternity but it’s still necessary to be able to immortalize its subject to keep a high-quality image. A slight artistic blur can add charm to a shot, but too much motion blur or camera shake threatens the quality of your photos. Sports photography, action photography, street photography, and wildlife photography: for all of them sharpness is a guarantee of quality. When the person, animal, or object you want to photograph is in motion, getting a sharp photo requires expertise. Read more

Preparing Your Image For A Photo Print

Maybe you took an original photo or would like to bring your best memories to life. A photo print in gallery quality guarantees a unique and personalized interior decoration. Finding inspiration and mastering your camera’s settings are essential for a great photo print. But the preparation of your file puts all the chances on your side for Art prints worthy of the most acclaimed professional photographers.  Read more

Macro photography brings more details to your decoration

Many people think macro photography is only for documentary photography, scientific reports, or wildlife and botanical photography. This practice is appreciated by professionals and nature lovers, but macro photography is also a great way to express your creativity! Take the time to zoom in on what’s around you for quality content and a wall decoration unlike any other. Read more

How to make great photo series?

The photo series is perhaps the most complex exercise to combine content and form. To create inspiring photo series, it's not your equipment but your creativity that will make a difference. To make great photo series, determine first your subject and your angle or set a period of time dedicated to your project and let yourself be surprised by what will cross your path. Whether you want to publish your best shots on social media or create photo prints of your best shots, the photo series is a must for any photographer. Read more

Create Great Memories With Your Family Photos

Why print your family photos?Family portraits are precious memories. Having your best photos printed allows you to keep these life moments in mind and enjoy them year after year. A custom-made print allows you to relive the best moments spent with your family. Wedding photos, vacation and weekend memories, birthday parties, or family photos taken to celebrate a new birth are among our greatest memories. Having them printed and framed in gallery quality is a great way to keep these moments and share them with others by displaying their photo print in your home Read more

A Tailor Made Gift : Offer a Personalized Print

Why Offer a Custom Photo Print? Personalized photo gifts bring back our fondest memories. Offering a custom print made from your favorite photo is an original and thoughtful personalized gift idea to please your friends or family members. You will surely surprise your loved ones by offering a gallery-quality art print! Read more

How to make great panoramic photos?

Panoramic photography is the perfect format for photographers wishing to try their hand at life-size shots and for photography enthusiasts looking for an original large format to decorate their walls. What is a panoramic photo? It’s mainly distinguished by its elongated format, generally characterized by a length at least double that of its short side (ratio 2:1). Panoramas are mostly horizontal images, a kind of exaggerated landscape format. Although rarer, it’s possible to shoot a vertical panorama: a tree with majestic dimensions or maybe a night view inspired by astrophotography. Despite its apparent complexity, the panoramic mode isn’t only for professional photographers. Thanks to our advice, staging your most beautiful moments in panoramic snapshots will no longer hold any secrets for you! Read more

Everything You Need to Know for Great Photo Portraits

Portrait photography is an Art. Capturing in a single shot a personality, an attitude and the expression of a look is the skill of only a few talented photographers. To succeed in portrait photography, your equipment, and settings matter, but other elements are also to be considered. Choosing the right focal length and framing plan, lighting the scene and your subject's face, and adjusting the focus are no details. In addition to these technical pieces of advice, follow our compositional and general tips to easily achieve your most beautiful portraits. Directing your model, creating a serene atmosphere, taking care of your compositions, and giving them a slightly dramatic character by focusing on the look shouldn’t be neglected to have great portrait photographs. Read more

How to make a photo triptych ?

In photography, you have plenty of occasions to get creative and not only when pressing the shutter button on your camera. Editing and printing your favorite photo is a great way to create original artistic photo prints such as a triptych format. A personalized photo triptych will bring a unique, trendy, and modern style, to your interior decoration. Our gallery-quality photo printing website allows you to simply create your art triptychs. Choose your favorite photo, cut it into 3 images, and select the desired formats and finishes (for a triptych you need to order 3 prints). Send your photo files to our lab through our web module and receive your personalized triptych ready to be hung on your wall! Read more

Why the quality of a digital photo deteriorates over time ?

Although analog photography keeps charming many photo enthusiasts, the increasingly compact format of SLR or hybrid cameras, and their relative simplicity, have become the new normal. The arrival of smartphones equipped with gradually more powerful photo sensors only accelerated image digitization. Unfortunately, these digital photographs are not all of equal quality. The camera with which the picture was taken is important, but its conservation technique can also greatly influence its quality and lifespan. Since a digital photo doesn’t last forever, enjoy here a few tips to keep optimal quality photos and avoid any risk of losing your most beautiful memories. Professional photographers know that photo printing remains the best way to enhance an image, whether it was taken digitally or in analog. Read more

How to take great black and white photos ?

There is little consensus when it comes to Art. Abstract, figurative, portrait or landscape: everyone has his own preferences. Black and white photography is perhaps one of the only types of Art to arouse so much enthusiasm, from professional photographers but also from amateurs. The invention of photography in the 19th century established monochrome as the standard representation of the world on photo film. It wasn't long before the first color prints appeared. However, then as now, black and white photography (as well as analog photography) keeps on fascinating the public and artists. Numerous famous black and white photographs attest to the lasting popularity of this artistic finish. Read more

Create a summer decoration with your holiday photos

Vacations spent with friends or family are the time to enjoy the pleasure of shared moments, often immortalized by group snapshots, children’s photos, or portraits of your loved ones. vacations are meant to slow down, to marvel at the beauty of a seaside landscape or the view of mountain peaks. Whether you use a camera or your smartphone, your vacation memories are perhaps the starting point of your most beautiful photos. Fall is all too quick to chase away those peaceful days, but by developing and framing your holiday photos, there’s always a way to remember those moments while creating a personalized summer decoration at home. Read more

Which Support to Choose for Your Wedding Photos ?

While a wedding album is a practical way to preserve the memory of your big day, these personalized creations tend to sit on our bookshelves and rarely get flipped through. A video of your wedding can capture all the emotion of the moment, record messages from your family and friends and keep the memory of your first dance as newlyweds. Again, once the euphoria of the event fades, few people take the time to watch their wedding video over the years. Printing your most beautiful wedding photos will allow you to thank you guests with a unique gift for their presence and their wedding gift. Photo print is also a great way to enjoy those memories daily. Whatever your taste in interior decoration and the theme chosen for your wedding, we offer several options of formats, finishes and photo frames to magnify your wedding photographs. Read more

How to Take A Good Picture of The Sea

Summer holidays aren’t just about relaxing. For photographers lucky enough to live by the shores or to spend their vacations on the coast, the summer months are a great opportunity to grab their camera. Beaches, seas, and oceans offer the perfect opportunity to arrange a photo session. Read more

Photo Print : With or Without a Frame ?

Professional photographers and photography enthusiasts alike know that pressing the shutter button is only the beginning. To give life to your most beautiful images, printing and framing are essential. Protected and enhanced, a framed photo print not only brings out the beauty of your image: it reinforces its narrative power. You’re not sure yet about having your favorite photos framed or you don’t know how to choose the photo frames that will elevate the greatest shots of your portfolio? Discover the advice of our art print and framing experts to turn your framing projects into a success. Read more

Wall Decorating Ideas for Your Living Room

Do you dream of a perfectly decorated living room that reflects your style while being harmonious and up to the latest trends? For a personalized and original interior design, wall decoration is an excellent idea. Whatever your budget, it will be easier and more personal to choose a framed print of your photos rather than a reproduction of a master painting or a painting bought in a specialized store. Read more

Why have your photographs printed ?

Whether we are amateurs or professionals, we take photos every day. To give them the space they deserve, discover 5 reasons to have them printed in gallery quality. Read more

Matte or Gloss Photo ?

If you are a photography fan, you are probably wondering how to make your choice between a matte or gloss finish once you’re ready to print your most beautiful photos. Printing on gloss paper is quite popular, but it is definitely not the only option open to you. Matte and gloss finishes both present numerous advantages and offer different aesthetic renderings to enable each individual to choose the finish that’s right for them. Read more

YellowKorner Quality Printing

Whether you are a seasoned photographer, an amateur, or simply an art lover, you probably know the YellowKorner galleries, which bring together a great variety of art photographs. These photographic prints allow you to appreciate the finest creations by international professional photographers, in the comfort of your own home. Landscapes, portraits, abstract photography, monochrome images or colours: all are produced by LabKorner, YellowKorner’s laboratory. Read more

How to Create Successful Photo Decoration ?

Would you like to personalise your interior decoration? Printing your own personal photos is a perfect solution. To create a successful mural decoration, your choice of photograph, but also the type of print and its framing are primordial. Explore our ideas and the advice of our partner, the photography laboratory to the finest galleries and renowned photographers, to pull off your own personal photo decoration with taste and flair! Adorning your walls with your personal photos and creating an interior that reflects your personal style will hold no more secrets for you. Read more

Where should you get your large-format prints for exhibition made ?

Your camera is bursting with amazing pictures that you’d like to share with others? Organising your own photography exhibition or displaying your most beautiful memories on your walls are perfect ways to meet photography lovers or professionals, or simply to adorn your interior tastefully. Finding a place dedicated to the exhibition of your images and selecting your photos are the first steps; then comes the crucial moment of printing. Read more

Which format should you use for an exhibition ?

Preparing an exhibition of your personal photographs is a powerful moment in which it is important to leave nothing to chance. Whether you are a professional photographer who is used to the exercise or an amateur photographer preparing your first exhibition, discover our recommendations. Format, medium, or exposure level: you can trust our laboratory, partner to some of the greatest photographers in the world, to guide you step by step in the preparation of your exhibition. Read more

Monochrome Photography Decoded

You don't need to look for complex effects to give your personal photographs an artistic touch: monochrome is ideal. To approach 2022 with style and simplicity, LabKorner decodes monochrome photography for you. Read more

How Do You Print a Photo in Large Format ?

As a photography professional or amateur, you surely have some favourites among your images that could lend your interior an elegant, gallery spirit. A professional photo print is always an original idea to decorate a room, for oneself or as a gift. Printing your personal photos in large format is ideal for showcasing your most beautiful images and creating a unique atmosphere in your home. Read more

What is a Shadow-Gap Frame ?

Art galleries, museums, artists, or interior designers: all of them have adopted the shadow-gap frame as their preferred type of framing. The minimalist elegance of the shadow-gap frame has seduced both amateur and professional photographers alike, but what exactly is a shadow-gap frame? Read more

Sabine Weiss, Last Humanist Photographer

The year 2021 has come to an end, taking with it Sabine Weiss (1924 - 2021), 97 years old, talented photographer and major figure of humanist photography. LabKorner pays tribute to her by offering you a chance to immerse yourself in the free and poetic images of this icon of modern photography. Read more

Capturing the Christmas Spirit

The end of the year celebrations are a good time for photography. Gathered with family or friends, it's the time to take portraits and group photos that show precious moments of sharing. For some photography enthusiasts, it will even be the opportunity to test a new camera just received. Read more

Photographing in the Manner of Vivian Maier

While a retrospective is currently devoted to the work of Vivian Maier (1926 - 2009), we suggest you decipher the atypical images of this posthumously famous photographer to renew your own photographic style. Read more

Photographing Autumn

Fall is a great time to spend a weekend in the comfort of your own home, but it's also a great time for photography enthusiasts. Read more

3 Tips to Progress in Photography without Taking Photos

In photography as in many other fields, taking a step back can be the source of dazzling progress. Exercising your eyes requires assiduous practice, but a good photographer also knows how to look away from the lens. Discover our 3 tips for making progress in photography without even having your camera at hand! Read more

Fashion Photography : beyond the Garment

From Paris to Milan, London to New York, the most elegant capitals celebrate fashion as September heralds the most anticipated fashion weeks of the year. While the catwalks are dressed in their finest, professional photographers and street-style enthusiasts alike are getting ready to grab their cameras and capture the spirit of the times. LabKorner invites you to celebrate fashion week with an overview of our favourite Yellow Korner fashion photos, an opportunity to be inspired for personal compositions? Read more

Enhance your Holiday Photos

Summer is coming to an end and with it the chapter of our holidays, near or far, is closing. Are you wondering how to get the best out of your holiday photos? Follow the advice of our partner photo lab of professional artist-photographers to hold on to the summer and the sweetness of its days. Read more

Get some altitude with Aerial Photography

You don't always have to find new subjects to photograph to get a different perspective on the world around you. Professional photographers have understood this: aerial photography allows them to embrace a different point of view to capture scenes in a new light. Here is an overview of the most beautiful images to rise without leaving the ground... Read more

Africa in front of the Lens

Follow Yellow Korner galleries' partner photographers to Africa and discover the beauty of this continent. Let yourself be inspired by the images of these professionals to bring a wild touch to your own photo prints and to your home, wherever you are ! Read more

Deep Dive

Summer is setting in and with it the promise of sunny days looking for new subjects for your personal photos. Whether your summer is urban or a return to your roots, your photo essays will help you to refresh yourself while imagining original images thanks to the season's most important place: the swimming pool. Read more

Escape to the Sea

The ocean fascinates the greatest photographers. If you're lucky enough to spend your summer on the coast, take the opportunity to improve your photographic practice and come up with new approaches for original holiday images worthy of professional artists. Here is our selection and some advice to inspire you before you set sail. Read more

Boost your Photographic Creativity with Reflections

You want to bring a little originality to your photos ? Are you looking for a different angle to give your portraits and landscapes a personal signature? The play of reflections should seduce you! Discover our tips to make the most of these highly photogenic reflections. Read more

Our Tips for Street Art Photography

For art lovers, our cities are open-air museums. Street art, tags and graffiti are true works of art. Capture the cheeky spirit of these messages before they are replaced by other street artists' creations and take a stroll through the city to capture the urban atmosphere of street art in your personal photos. Read more

Photographic Road Trip to Italy

Whether you plan to travel to Italy or not this summer, we suggest you escape in images. Prepare your next escapades by taking inspiration from photographers who have sublimated Italy and its landscapes for future original vacation photos or simply for the pleasure of being enchanted by a dolce vita atmosphere. Read more

The Essential of Photography : Vanishing Lines

The best rule in photography is to let your inspiration speak for itself, but there are certain principles that, once learned, will enhance your subject and emphasize the strength of your compositions. Among these essentials, the vanishing lines are unavoidable. Read more

Our Tips for Successful Long Exposure

The long exposure consists in using an exposure time of several seconds to several hours in order to obtain a very particular result. Often used for night photography, to immortalise a starry sky or in an urban environment, long exposure makes it possible to get rid of the lack of light for a perfectly exposed result. Read more

Discover Underwater Photography

Wildlife and naturalist photographers are on the front line to witness the impact of global warming and pollution on our ecosystems. Among them, those who dive to meet marine fauna are the privileged witnesses of the richness and fragile balance of oceanic biodiversity. Read more

Rediscover Places with a Photographer's Eye

The past months could not satisfy our desire to travel, fortunately our city centers are full of inspiring places. By looking at these places with new eyes, discover how to renew your photographic creativity by taking inspiration from these architectural and urbex photographers. Read more

Photography & Cinema

Seventh and Eighth art are often dissociated. However, photography and cinema share the same language: that of the image. A film is 24 images per second to which the actors give voice. Filming photography: a fantasy that never ceases to seduce directors. Discover this mixture of genres here. Read more

Drone and aerial photography: the essentials

Drone photography is becoming increasingly popular. Are you hesitating to try aerial photography? Discover some of the essentials for successful drone photography and get inspired by aerial photography experts. Read more

5 Tips for Successful Landscape Photography

Do you want to capture the beauty of natural landscapes or cityscapes in photographs with an original composition? These tips will give you some inspiration to simply improve your landscape and nature photos. Read more

Our Tips for Successful Wedding Photos

A once-in-a-lifetime moment, a wedding is a precious opportunity to immortalise your love for eternity in an exceptional setting. Whether you entrust your wedding photos to a professional or to a friend or family member, discover our tips for successful wedding photos. Read more

Discover Astrophotography

Astrophotography is a fascinating discipline. With their heads in the stars but their feet firmly planted on the ground, astrophotographers invite us to look up into the infinite. Read more

Go for a late-night photographic walk

At night, cities and countryside are adorned with a wave of mystery. In times of confinement and curfews, night photography becomes a forbidden game. If the night photographic walks have been stopped for a while, it is still possible to dream in front of the superb images that these insomniac photographers offer us, or even to begin to learn this practice. Read more

How to take pictures in bad weather ?

Amateur and professional photographers often put their cameras away when the sunny days go away. What a pity! If capricious weather remains a challenge, rain, thunderstorm or fog provide particularly powerful dramatic shots. Read more

How to Photograph the Moon With a Smartphone?

Every amateur photographer tries to immortalize a sumptuous sunset one day, but few are thinking of capturing the moon. However, photographing the moon is an original photo idea that can even be done using a smartphone. Unfortunately, without prior advice, you will certainly end up with a blurry picture or even a white disc uninspiring. If it is recommended to use a SLR or hybrid camera for a near-professional result, reassure you: with these tips and your smartphone, you can get beautiful pictures of the moon or eclipse. Read more

The best Lightroom Presets

Did you follow our advices to progress in photography? Now it is time to learn more on retouching software, and more specifically on Lightroom. This magical software allows you to develop your RAW files to give them the wanted rendering. However, when we start with Lightroom we can be lost facing all the possibilities that offers the software. We propose you to see how Lightroom can facilitate its use thanks to the presets. Read more

Photographing Wild Animals

Many photographers share their nature and wildlife photographs. These pictures remind us of the beauty and fragility of our biodiversity and invite us to take the time to admire these rare or crossed creatures on a daily basis. Read more

Understanding Photo Editing

If purists prefer natural images, untouched by any retouching, others give free rein to their imagination to "improve" reality or even to totally push back the limits. Discover how to make your photo montages a success and be inspired by photographers who combine technical mastery and fantasy for original photos. Read more

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