Zeinberg becomes LabKorner : a glimpse behind the scene of our laboratory's rebranding


2024 marks a decisive turning point for our photo lab! After a redesign of our brand identity, Zeinberg becomes LabKorner. While our photo printing service will keep fine-tuning its rebranding, the essence of our reputation and difference remains unchanged, consolidating our unique position among competitors. 

LabKorner: a strengthened connection with fine Art photography


Since its establishment as the photo lab of YellowKorner galleries, Zeinberg has been the favored partner of photographers for all their printing projects. Our lab still is the go-to destination for artists preparing their exhibitions in France, their shows abroad, and their art prints to be sold in YellowKorner galleries. This strong relationship with those shaping contemporary photography remains the cornerstone of our photo lab.

Under the brand-new LabKorner name, our photo printing lab will continue to provide its expertise to professional photographers and enthusiasts alike to bring all creative photo projects to life. The expansion of our custom print range, the introduction of museum glass for our Gallery Frames, and new aluminum framing options promise to appeal to even the most demanding photographers.



A special relationship with YellowKorner galleries


As the only printing lab for YellowKorner galleries and their partner artists, LabKorner has contributed to the success and international expansion of this unique art gallery network. Under our new identity, our affiliation with the YellowKorner galleries is even clearer! It’s a more transparent way to link two inseparable entities: YellowKorner galleries and LabKorner photo lab.


Even closer to our gallery network, LabKorner will perfect the YellowKorner customer experience by showcasing all customization options. Creating custom prints for your favorite photos or personalizing a YellowKorner photograph with a wide selection of frames and finishes: that’s the LabKorner difference !


Making gallery-quality prints more accessible


Thanks to the photo printing service’s variety, quality, and bold sense of innovation, YellowKorner galleries have brought fine art photography into every home. LabKorner is committed to pursuing this innovation to broaden access to art for all. 


Our ambition is to democratize fine art photography by making available to the public the quality printing techniques developed by our photographic laboratory in partnership with established artists and YellowKorner galleries. With LabKorner, creating a personalized gallery-quality print is easier than ever. Simplifying access to this service naturally comes with a more precise and evocative name, and LabKorner proves to be an ideal choice but also an easier-to-remember denomination.

Allowing you to easily create your artwork online was a ground-breaking innovation for the photography industry. On our website or in one of our galleries, with YellowKorner’s expert photo teams by your sides, you’re guaranteed access to a professional photo lab wherever you are.


Zeinberg — LabKorner : ua common commitment to quality


LabKorner services combine traditional craftsmanship and photographic development methods with cutting-edge technologies for custom prints with high-quality finishes. Color rendition, brightness, contrasts, play of shadows and lights: every detail is lifelike thanks to the printing techniques used by our photo printers and our meticulous choice of photo paper.



Accessible to the public since 2016, LabKorner’s printing quality has become a benchmark for photographers looking for adaptable dimensions and customizable finish qualities. LabKorner remains faithful to the high-quality standard that has made it renowned. 

A reference for custom-made artwork


With a wide choice of formats, finishes, and enhanced framing solutions, including new shadow-gap frames for your large-format prints, LabKorner pushes the boundaries of custom photo prints even further. With this rebranding, our mission is to boost your creativity. Sharing our advice and expertise with photo enthusiasts is a priority. In YellowKorner galleries or on our website and photo blog, rest assured you’ll find inspiration and tips to perfect your photography skills! 



© 2024, Justine Grosset for LabKorner

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