3 Tips to Progress in Photography without Taking Photos

In photography as in many other fields, taking a step back can be the source of dazzling progress. Exercising your eyes requires assiduous practice, but a good photographer also knows how to look away from the lens. Discover our 3 tips for making progress in photography without even having your camera at hand!


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1. Take Mental Pictures

If the whole point of photography is to capture a fleeting moment, a great way to improve your composition skills is to simply imagine your picture. Stopping and taking time to think about your image before you press the shutter button is a reflex to acquire. This will inevitably improve the composition of your future photographs.


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2. Observe your Peers and Mentors

Develop your sense of observation, but also your critical eye by feeding yourself with images. Photography fairs such as Paris Photo and photo exhibitions will allow you to immerse yourself in the images of the masters of photography as well as those of emerging talents. Art galleries are excellent places to discover new signatures and learn more about those who inspire you. If you have the opportunity to visit one of the Yellow Korner galleries, you will have the opportunity to discover photographers from all horizons, carefully selected for the quality of their images.


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3. Go Back to Your Images

Many photography enthusiasts throw themselves headlong into their next subject. Lingering on your photos to detail the composition, the lights and the framing will allow you to notice their possible defects to improve you during your next photo report. This phase of editing, or even retouching to tame your images and explore their potential, is crucial according to professional photographers.


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By taking the time to observe your surroundings, by being aware of your photographic reflexes and the approach of the photographers you admire, you will be surprised by the evolution of your shots. Your next photos will undoubtedly be the best! Then reward your efforts by having your work printed by our online photo lab. LabKorner prints will highlight the quality of your personal photos thanks to a customised finish and framing and a colour rendering worthy of the greatest artists of our time.


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