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Photographing Autumn

Fall is a great time to spend a weekend in the comfort of your own home, but it's also a great time for photography enthusiasts.


Evgeni Dinev, Colorful Lake © Yellow Korner

Evgeni Dinev, Colorful Lake © Yellow Korner


Like this Bulgarian photographer, partner of the Yellow Korner galleries, capture the warm shades of foliage in autumn. There is no need to follow in his footsteps, a simple day in the forest will allow you to capture the beauty of the autumnal colors that nature is now adopting. Here, it is also the play of mirrors and symmetry that captivate the eye. Get inspired to create poetic images with a dreamlike atmosphere.

To go even further and create abstract autumn photographs, the work of John Eastcott and Yva Momatiuk is a reference. The ochre reflection of the leaves on the water offers sublime images. Imagine your own compositions between photos and impressionist canvas and then highlight your favorites with a photo print in a Plexiglass finish. Printed on silver paper, laminated on a Dibond aluminum plate, your photo is then protected by a Plexiglas plate that magnifies its colors for a long time.


John Eastcott & Yva Momatiuk, Autumn Reflections in Mountain Lake III © Yellow Korner

John Eastcott & Yva Momatiuk, Autumn Reflections in Mountain Lake III © Yellow Korner


Autumn is the perfect season to gather some treasures and create still lifes. Oak leaves, chestnuts, mushrooms or whimsically shaped cucurbits will allow you to create superb settings. Mentioned in our article dedicated to still lifes, the images of the Renards Gourmets continue to inspire us for our most tempting autumn compositions. Now it's your turn to let your creativity speak for authentic images in all simplicity then sublimated by our aluminum finish photo print.


Renards Gourmets, Courges et Champignons d’Automne © Yellow Korner

Renards Gourmets, Courges et Champignons d’Automne © Yellow Korner


You wish to bring an elegant autumnal touch to your decoration ? Our timeless photo frames in natural oak, walnut or bubinga wood will enhance your prints while bringing an authentic style to your home.




Reserve the beautiful fall days and the most photogenic situations for your photo outings. On gloomy afternoons, you will be able to enjoy your carefully decorated interior with prints of your best images, unless you dare to brave rain and fog and follow our tips for great pictures in bad weather.


© 2021, Justine Grosset for LabKorner


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