Aluminium Finish Photographic Print

Contemporary and elegant, the aluminium print is particularly suitable for large-format artworks. The Aluminium finish provides a direct view of your photograph.

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Discover Our Photo Printing on Aluminium

Our aluminium-finish photo prints stand out, through their elegance and contemporary appeal. With this finish, the viewer dives directly into your image and can appreciate even its subtlest details. Photo prints on aluminium are perfect for presenting your large-format photos and suit contemporary interior decor.

All of our finishes are made from materials of the highest calibre. Every printing project starts with the printing of your photograph on photographic paper. We have selected Fine Art Fuji DPII Gloss (250 mg) for optimal print quality and vibrant colour rendering. The gloss filter offers a gloss finish and protection against the exterior elements (humidity, dust, or UV rays, etc.).   

Photos printed with aluminium, plexi, or matte plexi finishes: these all have in common the crucial phase of mounting. High-definition printed photographs are mounted onto an aluminium Dibond plate to maintain and support the print and for ease of display. The thin nature of this stainless and rigid aluminium goes unnoticed and allows your composition to take the spotlight. While for our plexi finishes, a layer of Plexiglas is added to the whole, the aluminium finish retains its natural, slightly more minimalist look. The result brings modernity to all of your shots and a fashionable touch of design to your mural decoration.

Our aluminium plates forming a frame at the back of your photo print provide a slight offset from the wall (20 mm) and facilitate its display with handy hooks. This effect magnifies your photograph and allows a more immersive viewing of your most beautiful creations once they are exhibited. The alu finish gives your spectators a direct view of your artwork.

Details of aluminium finish

Formats Available in Aluminium


Aluminium is appreciated for its lightness and thinness (the total width of our aluminium Dibond plate is just 2 mm). These characteristics make it a perfectly adapted and balanced finish for photo prints in large formats.

Our formats available for printing your photos on alu are:

  • Selection Format (from square format 35 x 35 cm to 45 x 30 cm) : ideal for sublimating your most beautiful landscapes or portraits.
  • Large Format (from square format 60 x 60 cm to 90 x 90 cm) : characterised by depth, reinforcing the power of your photos.
  • Giant Format(from square format 100 x 100 cm to 150 x 100 cm) : for a luminous art print thanks to the alu finish.
  • Collector Format (from square format 120 x 120 cm to 180 x 120 cm) : to create unique works from your finest art photographs.


If you have the choice of printing on aluminium for your large formats (in Large, Giant, or Collector finish), perhaps for a panoramic format, you would benefit from the addition of a shadow-gap frame. This prestigious finish brings lightness and depth to the Large, Giant, or Collector prints with an aluminium finish.

What is Aluminium Dibond ? 

Your printed photo is mounted on a plate of stiff aluminium Dibond. Aluminium Dibond is a material comprising two thin sheets of aluminium that encapsulate a layer of resin (polyethylene). This gives your art photograph durable protection and support, thanks to the composite aluminium plate medium. The stainless and rigid qualities of aluminium Dibond make it a material that is popular with artists and galleries for printing and exhibiting art photos.

The virtues of photo printing on aluminium have become the signature of all LabKorner prints. In our photography laboratory, mounting prints onto Fine Art photo paper is always done on aluminium Dibond plates – for the alu finish of course, but also for our plexi and matte plexi finishes.

The lightness of our photo printing on aluminium also facilitates exhibition. Thanks to the attachments and hook provided, your photo print on alu is delivered to your door or to your local gallery, ready to hang immediately. All of our prints are accompanied with a customisable certificate.

Do you have further queries about our aluminium Dibond finish or about the delivery of your print? Our customer service (available every working day) is at your complete disposal by phone, email, or directly in person at your nearest YellowKorner gallery.

Our photo laboratory experts who specialise in art printing accompany some of the world’s best photographers in all of their exhibition projects. So we have developed a range of finishes to suit each and every one of your photos, to heighten your artistic creations. Aluminium, but also Fine Art, Plexi or Matte Plexi: our choice of finishes will cater to all of your artistic needs.

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