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Bring your interior to life with a large-format photographic print: Collector format is worthy of the best photographers.

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Discover Our Large-Format Collector Photo Printing

Collector format is our largest print format. Approved by galleries and professional photographers, its dimensions are perfectly suited to the most majestic shots. It is an ideal format for your panoramas or aerial photographs designed to express a sense of grandeur. Collector format allows the viewer to immerse themselves in your most beautiful landscapes or experience the atmosphere of a particular moment as if you were there. So it is perfect for conveying the conviviality of a wedding photo, for instance.

The dimensions of our Collector format (180 x 120 cm) makes each memory an exceptional moment. The choice of your preferred photograph, its print dimensions, its finish and framing, enable you to create a unique photo print for a customised decoration that truly reflects your personality.

So that any of your photographs can potentially become a Collector print, our photographic laboratory offers you seven dimensions and ratios compatible with the Collector print size and finish. We even offer you a square format to give your interior a modern graphic style. You have a range of dimensions at your disposal that are adapted to all of your subjects; print sizes from 120 x 120 cm to 150 x 120 cm. If your photograph gives rise to an enlargement for a large-dimension print, check that the resolution of your file is sufficient. Explore our advice guides to preparing you photo files before printing or contact our customer service.

Dimensions available :

1:1 120x120 cm  
4:3 160x120 cm  
3:2 180x120 cm  
16:9 180x100 cm  
2:1 180x90 cm  
3:1 180x60 cm  
5:4 150x120 cm

As with all of our printing formats, our Collect prints are offered for delivery directly to your home or to the YellowKorner gallery of your choice. The delivery of your ready-to-hang artwork is fast and secure, thanks to our freight carrier that specialises in the transport and delivery of artworks.

A Professional-Quality Art Photo in Large Format

The Collector print is the ultimate large-format print. A true work of art, this photo print worthy of the most prestigious art galleries can now be shown in amateur photographers’ homes.

Its large format allows your photo to be fully appreciated, thanks to its high print quality, showcasing the details of your composition. Landscapes or group photos will result in professional-quality photo prints. Our customer service answers any questions you might have regarding the creation of your large-format mural decoration.

A photograph printed in Collector finish is much more than an object of decoration: it becomes a central element in your interior. Your artwork in Collector format will bring character to a room. Lounge, dining room, or bedrooms are favourable sites for the exhibition of a print in these dimensions. Your custom photo print becomes the keystone of your interior decoration, attracting every gaze.

All of our prints in Collector formats start with printing your finest photos on silver photographic paper. To this end, we have selected a professional paper: Fuji DPII Gloss 250 mg. Our gallery-quality finishes later allow you to choose the most suitable finish for your Collector print and for the style of your interior.

Gallery-Quality Finishes for Your Large-Format Prints


The Collector art print is available in four key finishes at our photographic laboratory:

  • Fine Art Finish , the essence of your photo, printed on silver paper for a minimalist and pared-down effect
  • Aluminium Finish, a high-quality photo print that allows viewers to be drawn directly into your composition
  • Gloss Plexi Finish, the association of professional print quality and a gloss protective finish to heighten the colours of your artwork
  • Matte Plexi Finish, our gallery finish that eliminates plays of reflection, dedicated to large-format photo prints


Our aluminium, plexi, and matte plexi finishes in Collector format are all characterised by the mounting of your photo print onto a plate of aluminium Dibond. Our plexi finishes add to this print a layer of Plexiglas designed to embellish and protect your creation.

To make your Collector print a true work of art, opt for the addition of a shadow-gap frame. These frames bring a touch of lightness to large formats, through a flattering floating effect between the frame and the photograph. A subtle offset between the display wall and the shadow-gap frame accentuates the elegance of your art. Our shadow-gap frames for Collector prints are available in ten personalised finishes, including several types of wooden and aluminium frames.

Thanks to Collector format, your finest moments finally enjoy a custom finish on the scale that they deserve!

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