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Ideal for an impressive and luminous print, Giant format transforms your finest photographs into works of art.

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Discover Our Very Large Format Photo Printing

Our photographic laboratory offers six choices of formats for your photo prints. Among this range, our large formats in gallery print quality are popular hits each season. In addition, with the LabKorner Giant format, discover an impressive photo print that transforms your best shots into works of art!

The dimensions of the Giant format (150 x 100 cm) fully reveal the beauty of your image. The resolution of the file is crucial for a high-quality photo printed to professional standards. By choosing large-format printing, the details of your composition, contrasts, plays of light, but also the architecture and vanishing points are clearly visible. Thanks to these qualities, large formats strengthen the narrative power of the image and make these particularly aesthetically pleasing and decorative artworks. Exhibited above a couch or hung above a bed, a Giant photo print establishes an atmosphere and lends character to a room. Select your favourite photograph to enjoy it every day or allow yourself to be guided by the style of your interior decoration to choose the shot that suits it best.

Panoramic photos or landscapes are particularly well showcased by the Giant print and its finishes. Light and colour are carefully rendered so that your photo print faithfully reflects your finest moment. Colour or black-and-white photographs can both be used for a Giant print: let your creativity loose!

Both artist-photographer partners of YellowKorner galleries and other photographers concerned with obtaining a high-quality print appreciate Giant format. Designed to exhibit your photos, this large format nevertheless easily finds its place in a lounge, bedroom, or reception area.

A Customised Photo Print of Professional Quality

Our large-format photo prints can be matched with various types of framing and image sizes thanks to their seven compatibilities of dimensions and ratios. From a square 100 x 100 cm format, the Giant photo print can adapt to a photo print size of up to 125 x 100 cm. Group portraits, photos of landscapes, or abstract graphic creations: all of your creations can be displayed on your walls in very large format.

Dimensions available :

1:1 100x100 cm 
4:3 135x100 cm 
3:2 150x100 cm 
16:9 150x85 cm 
2:1 150x75 cm 
3:1 150x50 cm 
5:4 125x100 cm

For a custom result, Giant format can be delivered framed or unframed. The option to add a shadow-gap frame allows you to showcase your print. This kind of framing adds the final touch to a large-format LabKorner creation. The shadow-gap frame allows you to apply a timeless wooden frame, a modern aluminium frame or classic frame available in various finishes to your aluminium or plexiglas photo print. The effect of floating between the frame and the image is highlighted by the slight offset between the wall and the frame of your work. This luxurious custom finish elegantly reinforces the depth of field of your picture.

To facilitate its exhibition within the room that you wish to decorate, your Giant print is available for delivery to your home. Your artwork can also be collected from your nearest YellowKorner gallery. Delivered ready to hang, your art photograph gives extra soul to all of your interiors.

Think big for your decoration !

High-Calibre Photo Printing with Various Finishing Options


Our printing and framing services enable you to create your personalised photo print using your finest memories. Because every image is different and because your interior decor resembles none other, we offer various finishes for your Giant photo formats.

Our Giant format (150 x 100 cm) is available in four LabKorner finishes:

  • Fine Art Finish : easy to hang, this luxurious photographic finish borrows its look from the purity and minimalist modernity of posters
  • Aluminium Finish : the lightness of aluminium Dibond makes this timeless and durable finish the classic choice within our printing range
  • Plexiglass Finish : by placing a thin layer of gloss Plexiglas over your photo print mounted on aluminium, our photo experts heighten the intensity of its colours and depth
  • Matte Plexi Finish : avoid plays of reflections thanks to our Plexi finish in its matte version. A pure expression of your photograph, Matte Plexi Giant format showcases your photo, even in the brightest rooms


Our photo laboratory guarantees you unrivalled print quality and accompanies you step by step in the creation of your photo print. If you have any doubts concerning the fabrication of your artwork or a question about delivery, contact our customer service.

No matter what your printing and exhibition project in very large format might be, there is a customisable LabKorner finish and frame to suit your art photographs.

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