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Real print in Acrylic glass Finish, the Mini has all the LabKorner expertise on a small format.

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Discover Our Photo Printing in Mini Format

Customised photo printing in Mini format hones the full expertise of our photographic laboratory within a featherlight weight.  
Developed and showcased with the same rigorous standards as our large-format prints, your artwork in Mini format is delivered with an acrylic glass medium, allowing you to exhibit it. On a piece of office furniture, a bookcase, or a nightstand: your photo frame finds its place in every room. Also equipped with an adhesive fixture, your custom photo can be directly displayed on a wall: by itself for a minimalist effect or as part of a mix-and-match photo composition of your own design.

Any subjects can be used in small format prints.   
Here are a few non-exhaustive ideas that might inspire your next photo prints:

  • Artistic portraits in colour or black and white
  • Portraits of children or infants
  • Photos of couples or wedding photos
  • Photos of your pets
  • Landscapes taken on your travels
  • Abstract compositions to match the colours of your interior


Are you looking for a decoration idea for your image to furnish your interior? Review your best photos! Your smartphone’s gallery or your camera’s memory cards are probably full of ideal subjects for this kind of printing. Don’t let your favourite moments become forgotten, a few centimetres are all that’s required to bring them into your daily life. In a house, apartment, or studio: not matter where you live, you can enjoy a professional-quality print of your own photographs.

Easy to travel with, this work of art in Mini format will allow you to always keep an eye on your favourite moment. Why not help your loved ones to enjoy it, by giving them the gift of an original and personalised gift? Family celebrations, birthdays, or weddings: the Mini format makes a lovely thank-you gift that is both personal and decorative.

Different Dimensions for an Original Mural Decoration

Our smallest printing format in Plexi finish is available in several sizes and ratios. From square 13 x 13 cm format to 19.5 x 9.75 cm: five different printing dimensions allow you to opt for the most suitable print format for your creation. Is your favourite photo in a square format? Would you like to reframe it? Let us guide you with our simple and fast creation module, available directly online, and you can trust our customer service to respond to all of your questions.   
How To Prepare Your Photo File ?

Dimensions available:

1:1 13x13 cm  
4:3 17,33x13 cm  
3:2 19,5x13 cm  
16: 19,5x11 cm  
2:1 19,5x9,75 cm  

Thanks to our wide range of dimensions, your print in Mini format can be adapted to all of your mural decoration ideas. Easy to hang and display on a sideboard or the edge of a bookshelf, Mini photo frames liberate creativity. The excellent quality/price ratio – the price of the photo printing and the ease with which it harmonises with interior decor, allow you to indulge in a set of prints. Choose from among your greatest moments and print out your memories in several Mini prints in variable dimensions! Black and white, colour, portrait or landscape: your creativity is the only limit to this Mini format with maxi effect!

Finishes Available in Small Format 


Our Mini format has all the characteristics of a large one. Your finest moments are first printed on Fuji DPII Gloss 250 photo paper before being mounted onto a plate of aluminium Dibond. This rigid medium is stainless, comprising two thin plates of aluminium surrounding a central resin plate, ensuring your photo is well supported, for a perfect result. From Mini format to the LabKorner Collector print, each photo development comprises these same layers (except for our poster-style Fine Art print).

As we do for our plexi-finish photo prints, our experts then lay a plate of high-quality gloss Plexiglas over your image. This gloss finish ensures the protection of your artwork and a colour rendering that heightens reality. Our small format with a plexi finish enjoys the same high-calibre features as our medium- and large-format prints. The chromatic result as well as the depth of field will sublimate your finest moments. Thanks to its Plexiglas finish, your photographs are protected from dust, UV rays, and fingerprints wherever you exhibit or hang them. Thanks to our high-quality plexi print, your best moments are shown as you remember them, even in Mini format!

Your favorite photos accompany your everywhere.

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