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Approved by the greatest galleries worldwide, Large format brings depth and impact to your photographs.

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Discover Our Large Format Photo Printing

Our photo printing laboratory is a reference in printing and creating customised artworks. We guide amateurs and professionals in their projects by offering a choice of formats, finishes, and framing to suit each immortalised moment. To complete our range, we offer three large print formats, including our very popular Large format (90 x 60 cm).

Large format is highly prized for its luminous and impressive effect. It sublimates all photographs and allows you to appreciate them down to their finest details. Although this format might be appropriate for printing your finest portraits, it is often chosen for grandiose landscapes and travel photographs. Urbex or architectural photographs are also enhanced by Large format, which highlights their plays of perspective and attentive composition.

Adapting the ratio and size of your photograph enables you to select a Large printing format for several types of shots. Up to seven sizes of images can be printed in Large format, even in square format. Available for photos from a size 60 x 60 cm up to 90 x 60 cm, the LabKorner Large print brings your most beautiful photographic prints to life. Good image resolution allows you to enlarge your photo to create the large-format image of your dreams.

Dimensions available :

1:1 60x60 cm  
5:4 75x60 cm  
4:3 80x60 cm  
3:2 90x60 cm  
16:9 90x50 cm  
2:1 90x45 cm  
3:1 90x30 cm

How To Prepare Your Photo File ?

Creating your unique and customised artwork in Large format is quick and easy. Choose your colour or black-and-white photograph and check the suitability of its size for the Large format. You can then select the finish you prefer, choose to add a frame to your large-format photo, then take advantage of fast, secure international delivery.

For high-quality printing, our prints always use Fuji DPI Gloss 250 mg, a top-of-the-line photographic paper for vibrant colours and emphatic contrasts. Photos on silver paper are then mounted onto a plate of aluminium Dibond for our aluminium, plexi, and matte plexi finishes. These finishes are all available for the Large format.

A Large Format That Adapts to All of Your Rooms

Large format brings depth to your most beautiful photos. The impact of your print is reinforced and highlights the character of your interior decoration.

Large format is also our most accessible and adaptable large-format print. Amateur and professional photographers alike opt for this large format that is easy to display in all interiors. Our Large format allows you to dive into your composition without the need for too much distance from it: whatever the surface area of your room, your favourite photos can be wholly appreciated. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, your interior will hold its own against the finest art galleries.

This print format is particularly well suited to the creation of photographic series. Choose several of your preferred photos and imagine the mural decoration that reflects your personality. Multiply Large prints in your bigger rooms, such as a lounge or dining room. You can also combine several printed photographs in these dimensions with prints in Selection format. These plays of volume and perspective will suit a room with smaller dimensions, such as an office or bedroom.

Finishes Available in Large Format


The choice of a finish depends on the printing format of your print, the aesthetic of your photograph, and the desired result for displaying your print.

Our Large format photo print is available in a choice of four types of high-calibre photo finishes:

  • Fine Art Finish, for a minimalist result, expressing all the elegance and authenticity of your shot
  • Aluminium Finish, for professional-quality photo prints, thanks to this light and durable finish that protects and showcases your photograph
  • Plexi Finish, a finish that emphasises the depth of your compositions and heightens their colours thanks to its gloss rendering
  • Matte Plexi Finish, for gallery-quality printing free of reflections

Our large-format print sizes (Large, Giant, or Collector) in Aluminium or Plexi finish can take advantage of LabKorner shadow-gap framing. This type of frame heightens your photographic print: it is the ultimate finish for creating your custom work of art. Preferred by artist-photographers, the shadow-gap frame stands out due to the slight offset between the print and its photo frame. Our laboratory offers a choice of ten colours and finishes for this exceptional type of photo frame. Its floating impression is ideal for bringing a light touch to your large-format artworks.

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