Matte Acrylic Glass Finish

Highly prized by professional photographers, the Matte Acrylic glass finish offers a magnificent natural finish, devoid of parasitic reflections.

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A major favourite of professional photographers, our personalised photo print plexi finish is available in matte or gloss versions. Our high quality plexi finish is appreciated by artists for its sophistication and timelessness. It is particularly suitable for large-format photos in darker shades, as this finish will accentuate their elegance.

Light and unbreakable, the matte acrylic glass (or plexiglas) layer protects the photo print made on Fine Art photographic paper while magnifying its finish. The matte plexi finish has no reflections, so it is the ideal solution for exhibiting your finest images for all to see, without parasitic reflections, particularly in an interior with strong natural light.

At LabKorner, both professional photographers and amateurs enjoy the same expertise, top-of-the-line equipment, and the latest printing technique to heighten their most beautiful photographs. The creation of your photographic print starts with printing the image onto Fine Art photo paper in the format of your choice. This gallery-quality print is then mounted onto a plate of aluminium Dibond, a composite material just two millimetres thick that supports and strengthens your photograph. Since aluminium is particularly light and durable, this mounting technique is perfectly designed for large-format photographs.

Our laboratory then adds the final touch to your print by applying a thin layer of matte acrylic glass over your mounted print. Designed to protect and showcase your photo, this plexi layer completes the timeless LabKorner photo print on aluminium.

Just as we do for our partner galleries and artists, we attach a customised frame to the back of your print whose fixtures facilitate the presentation of your matte print by setting it slightly away from the wall (20 mm).

Details of Matte Plexiglass Finish

Formats Available in Matte Acrylic Glass


As with our gloss acrylic glass. finish, our photo prints in matte finish can adapt to your various photo printing formats. Our photo printing under plexi is reserved for large-format photos, which this premium finish enhances and protects.

The addition of a matte acrylic finish for your LabKorner photo printing is available for the following prints:

You can choose to add a matte plexi plate to all of your large-format prints, whether they are in square format or not.

Once your preferred photos have been transformed into works of Art by our photo printers, we suggest the addition of a shadow-gap frame It is also reserved for large formats, reinforcing the depth of your image thanks to the slight offset between the print and its frame and the impression of floating obtained between the wall and the artwork. A shadow-gap frame stands out from the usual photo frames through this effect of depth, which is ideal for larger works.

Fast and reliable international delivery allows you to receive your large-format photo print at your address or at any YellowKorner gallery. In our boutiques, on our website or by email and phone, you can take advantage of the advice of our customer service to select the most suitable photo products for your interior design projects.


Matte or Gloss Acrylic Glass Printing? 

Are you hesitating between our photo prints on acrylic glass and the matte version? These two finishes enduringly protect your photographs, while offering similar exhibition-grade quality. Your choice will therefore mainly depend on two factors: the type of photograph that you’d like to entrust to our photo lab for printing and the exposure conditions of your print.

Is your image characterised by striking colours? The gloss acrylic glass finish will no doubt magnify these more. Is your photograph more defined by its slightly muted or dark tones? Is it a black-and-white photo? In that case, prefer photo printing with the addition of a matte Plexiglas layer, so as to better enhance these images.

The LabKorner matte acrylic photo print enables you to enjoy a high-calibre work of art, without the slightest reflection. So this is an ideal choice for presenting your images in very bright rooms where the light might hinder the observation of your finest photographs. There is no risk that the sun’s rays or UV light will damage your photo: the plexi layer will protect your creation for a long time.

Is your photo print going to be shown in a child’s bedroom? In a place with multiple thoroughfares? In these cases, it is preferable to prevent the appearance of unattractive fingerprints by opting for our matte finish. You can also enjoy a moment’s relaxation in your bathroom while admiring your print: the matte plexi finish guarantees the protection of your artwork against humidity.

Our printing and framing solutions offer individuals the best quality / price ratio on offer, so you can customise your mural decoration with your own photographic prints. Whether you opt for a Fine Art print in poster form, a minimalist print on aluminium Dibond or a matte or gloss Plexiglas finish, there is a LabKorner product dedicated to your creative project.

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