Enjoy the magic of fall by planning a forest photo walk



Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons for photography lovers. The soft light is still ample enough to capture stunning outdoor photos and enhance the rich colors of the woodlands before winter sets in. If you’re in search of inspiration for your next forest photo outing, here are some ideas and tips to showcase the autumnal magic in your shots.


Play with colors


The vibrant hues that foliage gets in the fall make a forest walk the perfect photo gateway for a weekend. Yellow, red, or orange: autumn colors are always the most photogenic. You don’t even need a polarizing filter! Just adjust your white balance settings to faithfully seize this atmosphere in your images.



Make the most of golden light


In autumn and winter, light can be scarce, while in summer, harsh sunlight tends to overexpose our photos. Fall is the perfect season to enjoy a gentle, warm light. For soft light and long shadows, especially within the foliage, take advantage of the early morning or late afternoon. Sunlight filtering through the tree branches will add a magical dimension to any shot.



Explore different subjects and textures


Forests and woodland offer a fantastic playground for photographers. Leaves, moss, insects, or mushrooms allow you to venture into still life or macrophotographywith the right lens and depth of field. If you’re patient and lucky enough, you might even try wildlife photography! Foxes, squirrels, deer, and bucks are a magical encounter for a nature lover in search of new subjects.


Adapt your photo composition


Use the natural backdrop to rethink your images. Streams, tree trunks, and walking paths are obvious guidelines to bring perspective, symmetry, and depth to your pictures. Don’t forget the rule of thirds to infuse dynamism into your images and enhance their narrative impact.



Your best forest photos will be perfectly showcased by a large-format print, inviting viewers to step into your world. Our Large photo format and Giant print format, suitable for all interior decor projects, allow you to immerse yourself and your guests in the image.



Our Matte Plexi finish is ideal for complementing the soft autumnal lighting and fully appreciating your finest photographs without any reflection. Dark tones and contrasts are particularly magnified by this sophisticated finish. This high-end finish gives your photos a luxurious appearance while protecting them from dust and scratches with its layer of matte Plexiglass covering your custom silver print. To strengthen the depth and impact of your large-format photo print, you can add a luxurious LabKorner shadow-gap frame, transforming your forest photos into timeless artworks.


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