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Thunderstorms, nothern lights, eclipse : how to photograph natural phenomena?

Nature offers breathtaking moments such as summer storms, mysterious eclipses, and perhaps the most photogenic phenomenon of all: northern lights. Choosing these natural phenomena as your photo subjects is a unique opportunity to immortalize the beauty and power of nature but also to infuse creativity into your photo outings, and add originality to your home decor. Discover our lab's 4 tips for capturing great shots.



Plan Your Photo Expedition


Before embarking on a quest to capture natural phenomena, planning is as must. Check the weather forecasts, sunrise and sunset times, as well as moon phases. For beautiful outdoor photos, scout out locations and never forget to ensure your safety, especially during stormy weather. If you're planning a trip near the polar circle to photograph auroras borealis, make sure to go during the right season.



Get the right equipment 

Switch your camera to manual mode to adjust exposure, shutter speed, and aperture according to changing conditions. Use a tripod to prevent motion blur, especially during long exposures typical of nighttime photography or when capturing eclipses, shooting stars, and northern lights. Use a remote control or your camera's timer to trigger shots without vibrations. Don’t forget to use a solar filter during eclipses to protect your camera and your eyes. 



Pay special attention to exposure


Experiment with your smartphone or camera settings to achieve the right balance between light and shadow. A low ISO sensitivity will reduce noise, a wide aperture will capture more light, just like a longer exposure time in low light conditions. For lightning and shooting stars, opt for shorter exposures for increased sharpness. For auroras borealis and comets, try various exposure durations or even a time-lapse to capture colors and movements.



Highlight your compositions details


Photo editing can perfect your pictures by adjusting brightness, contrast, and color balance. Emphasize the features of your compositions but avoid excessive edits to preserve the authenticity of your snapshots and make sure to keep their natural character.

After capturing these magical moments, why not turn them into artworks? A custom photo print with a gloss Plexi finish can bring your images to life, adding exceptional depth and brilliance. Thanks to LabKorner's craftsmanship this high-end finish will showcase the details of your most beautiful photographs of natural phenomena.



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